Hot Foot Floating Boots

Hot Foot Floating Boots


Created using expanded closed cell foam technology, these boots retain a large volume of insulating air in their outer shell to protect against cold down to -40°C.  Floating boots are over 60% lighter than conventional boots and as they will not sink, even when full of water, can help to keep you safe after accidental immersion.
Safer – Our boots float, even when full of water (rubber boots can drag you under)
Lighter – More than 60% lighter than rubber boots (less weight means much less tiring to walk)
Warmer – Air Foam Technology resists cold far better than solid rubber boots
Tougher – Laboratory tested at -40°C for 250,000 metres (no signs of damage, even in extreme conditions)
Non-Slip – Our traction soles give superb grip on mud and snow


Model Description RRP
HFFLB Hot Foot Floating Boots £59.99

Available in the following sizes:
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12

Size Chart