Hotfoot Lightweight Wading Shoes

Hotfoot Lightweight Wading Shoes

 This unique Wading Shoe was specifically designed to be

a perfect fit with the 4 way Stretch Neoprene Socks fitted
to Hotfoot Waders, but is versatile enough to use on almost
any sock foot Wader.
Hotfoot Wading Shoes will appeal to Match and Carp anglers
as well as Game anglers who want to travel light.
* Light, yet amazingly tough. You feel as if
you are wearing trainers, not Wading Shoes.
* Fitted with side drainage eylets to remove surplus water.
* Non Slip rubber sole is both flexible and immensely strong.
* Velcro fastening and side zippers.
* Hotfoot wading shoes take only seconds to put on.


Model Description RRP
HFWS Hot Foot Wading Shoes £49.99

Available in the following sizes:
7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Size Chart